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Juan Gil (Spain)

Composed for the participation in the International Competition of Soundtracks 2016

Dulce Hogar

(Sweet Home)

Soundtrack and sound editing made for the short film by director Rosen García (Spain 2016)

El Juego de Zuzanka (Zuzanka's game)

Soundtrack for the adaptation to shortfilm

Action Movie

Demo for Action Movie


1era llamada-Teatro de las ArtesJulián Guajardo
00:00 / 00:28
2a Llamada - CONARTE JINGLE - Teatro de Julián Guajardo
00:00 / 00:21
3era Llamada - CONARTE JINGLE - Teatro dJulián Guajardo
00:00 / 00:28

ContemporAry DANCE


Music composed for the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey

scEnic ArtS

Tiempo y Vida

(Time and Life)

Composed for the Performance "Tiempo y Vida" presented at the TAI University of Madrid.

otHER composITions

National University Olympics 2017

Fanfarria Universitaria

(University Fanfare)

Alere Flammam Veritatis

Fuga Doble

(Double Fugue)

For string trio

Funky Blues


For Big Band

Danza Tétrica

(Tetric Dance)

Atonal piece for Pianoforte

Fuga In C

(Fugue in C)

For Pianoforte

Suspenso Melancólico

(Melancolic Suspense)

Atonal piece for Pianoforte

Triste Suspenso

(Sad Suspense)

Atonal piece for Pianoforte

Yo me quiero así

(I love myself like this)

Feat. Travis Birds


Electro Pop

Comedian rag drunk


© 2021  Julián Guajardo, Compositor.

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